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Lena Liu's Basket Bouquets "Roses" Plate
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Collector plate by Lena Liu's Basket Bouquets ROSES -Floral design
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Lena Liu's Basket Bouquets 8" Collector Plate "Roses" Great Condition
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Bradex 1992 Plate1st Issue Lena Liu's Floral Basket Bouquet Collection "ROSES"
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Rose Fantasy Lena Liu Symphony Of Shimmering Beauty WS George Collector Plate
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Vtg Lena Liu Pink Roses Plate 1st Issue Roses Basket Bouquets Floral Dish 1992
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Rose Fantasy 1991 Plate Number 3089A by Lena Liu Collectable Fine China EUC
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Bradex W S George Lena Liu Liu's Basket Bouquets ROSES Collector Plate #1 1992
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W.S. George "Roses" Porcelain Plate - Lena Liu - 1992
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Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping
Art - 1999

Waves of beauty — — — ^. n/ Created from a brand new masterpiece by Plate Artist Hall of l amer Lena Liu Side view ... "Crown Jewels Wings fluttering in Cast, happy rhythm, two tiny hummingbirds hover and dart from rose to lilac as the ...

McCall's McCall's
Dressmaking - 1993

But when no one is looking, out they'll pop for an afternoon of musical fun among the peonies, roses, and lilacs of a gorgeous bouquet. This enchanting portrait originally painted on delicate silk by famed artist Lena Liu has now been recreated on a Tine porcelain collector's plate. And like exceptional collector's plates that command hundreds of dollars on the plate market, "Magic Makers" appears to have ...

Price Guide to Contemporary Collectibles and Limited Editions
912 pages
Price Guide to Contemporary Collectibles and Limited Editions
Creator: Mary Sieber | Antiques & Collectibles - 2004-07-28

Mary Sieber ❑ WHITE-EARED HUMMINGBIRD 70.00 1993 33.00 CL 814 • PLATES • W.S. GEORGE ... CL 33.00 50.00 ❑ ROSES 1992 CL 30.00 50.00 ❑ TULIPS AND LILACS 1992 CL 33.00 40.00 LENA LIU'S HUMMINGBIRD TREASURY L.

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