On Saturday and Sunday, May 30 and 31, 2015, Clars will host their Fine Art, Decorative Art, Furniture, Jewelry/Timepieces and Asian Art Auction. Property from very significant collections will be offered including the Hirschhorn Museum (Washington D.C.), the Richard Mellon Scaife Estate, the Lillian Kornbluth Estate and 18th and 19th century antiques from legendary Trotter’s Antiques of Pacific Grove, CA. Overall, the importance of the offerings will attract worldwide attention and is anticipated to be one the firm’s largest sales in their history. 


Clars auction on May 31st will undoubtedly have some of the finest paintings, prints and sculpture it has ever offered in the company’s history. ‘Must have’ works by many of the important artists collected today will be featured.


Cincinnati Magazine
112 pages
Cincinnati Magazine

Kid pumps by Liz Claiborne, briefcase by Coach, pearl necklace and clip earrings by Monet. Sophia P. Ralson, a clinical psychologist, pays special attention to details. "I think you can have a flair for clothes and still be professional.

Vogue Vogue
Dressmaking - 1975

January, 1975 ACCESSORY DETAILS Cover: Earrings by Peter & Peggy for P.C. Designs, at Saks Fifth Avenue. Chains by Les Bernard, ... Page 108: Monet earrings. Sunglasses by Lugene ... Clip: Peter & Peggy for P.C. Designs. David Evins ...

Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping
Art - 1988

Unisa sandals. Magda K earrings. Bracelets from Talbots. Monet watch. Sporty Pullover: Pants, shoes from Talbots. ... I Earrings by Saga International. Trim Camisole: Tangiers short. Keds sneakers. Magda K. earrings. Tropic -Cal hair clip.

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